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Royal Frenchies of Florida


Welcome to Royal Crown Frenchies.  We are located in Orlando, Florida. If you are looking for a Healthy, High Quality French Bulldog Puppy, you've come to the right place! At Royal Crown Frenchies, our frenchies are an extension of our family. We strive for excellence in raising the best quality french bulldogs. All our adult frenchies live in our home and are a very important part in our family. Our puppies are all hand raised by us and never left without lots of love and interaction for perfect socialization. You can read more about how we raise our puppies in our "about our puppies" section.

All of our puppies are AKC registered with limited registrations,  (see details on this in our "about our puppies"), vet checked and come with up to date shots, a puppy care package and a ONE YEAR HEALTH GUARANTEE, AND A FULL VET VISIT REQUIRED BY LAW  FOR A HEALTH CERTIFICATE!
Shipping is available and detailed pictures and videos can be sent to you personally. We refrain from home visits for safety purposes.
All sales are done online by phone, email and puppies will be hand delivered to you at a public access point or directly to your home!

Please explore our website to find more helpful information about us, our dogs and puppies. We specialize in Creams, Blues, 
Fawns, Pieds and Chocolates! We are getting ready for our new Lilac line coming this year!

Thank you for visiting us here at Royal Crown Frenchies where our frenchies are treated like Royalty!
Please Feel free to Email or Call us Anytime - 855-500-FRENCH / 855-500-3736





Our French Bulldogs are all AKC registered and first and foremost bred for great temperment, personality,
health and stability.  We also strive
and work hard to uphold the breed type and standard.

There are so many reasons to consider a French Bulldog;
Why A French Bulldog ?   TOP REASONS:
1.)  French bulldogs are very sociable dogs, love children and pets...they get along well with everyone!
        They are attentive, smart, and very affectionate.
       They are low maintenance with little grooming and shed minimally.
2.) They are great with children of all ages.  Frenchies LOVE to be with their humans and are known to
      "thrive" with human interaction.
3.) They are great with other dogs, cats,and pets when socialized and raised properly.
     They fit all life styles and homes as they are lower energy and almost bark less.

4.) They are lovable,cuddly,friendly, playful and energetic but not hyper or over active.
      They are the clowns and love to make their owners laugh!
5.) They are the perfect size! Not too big and not too small. The average adult weight range can vary but
      ours range from around 18 pounds to 28 pounds with the average at about 22-26 pounds.
6.) They fit almost everyone's lifestyle. Great for homes, condos, apartments, farms. They do require
      average amounts of daily excercise but not huge amounts as they can easily overheat of course.
      They can easily get their fill of exercise indoors as well and can just go out 2-3 times for their daily
      walk to do  their business.

**  Great Video to watch:  Discovery Channel – Videos on the French Bulldog breed


* Housebreaking tips for your puppy                                                                                                    

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    French Bulldogs of Florida
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